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  • Complete Environmental Control System Centred upon a dehumidifying heat pump and utilising the latest ‘Blue-EC’ ultra efficient intelligent digital inverter fan technology, the Andromeda EC offers an assured solution for both effective and efficient environmental control for residential indoor swimming pools.

  • ‘All-in-One’ Renewable Energy Climate Control The convenient ‘all-in-one’ environmental control solution for those seeking to incorporate a source of genuine renewable energy to provide efficient heating for both the room air and the pool water. 

  • Ducted Dehumidifier with Air and Pool Heating Centred upon a dehumidifying heat pump, the Orion is designed to be located in an area adjoining the pool room and is supplied with a special ‘flexi-duct’ kit with grilles to enable the room air to be drawn into the unit and for the dry / heated conditioned air to be returned.

  • Direct-Contact Aerothermal Swimming Pool Heat Pump A self contained dependable renewable energy pool water heating system. The Aquarius is an aerothermal heat pump of exceptional quality and specification and utilises ‘direct contact’ technology to transfer heat from the refrigerant directly into the pool water. 

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