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  • Industrial bobbin wound filters with diameters from 1050 mm to 3000 mm, with the corresponding flange connections for different filtration velocities. Replaces the Atenas model.

  • AstralPool high performance vertical bobbin wound filters are manufactured using reinforced polyester with glass fibre, which is completely anti-corrosive, with high mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance. One of its main characteristics is the height of its filtering layer. The higher this is, the better its performance.

  • Features: According to DIN 19605/19643 Standard Collector system:Nozzle plate with 0.5 mm slots, working pressure 2.5 bar.Fitted with:- Pressure gauge panel- Manual air vent and water purge- Air wash connection flange- Ø 400 mm manhole

  • Lacron’s LWF filament wound filters are designed for permanent in ground residential swimming pools.

  • Micron fibreglass filters are known throughout the industry for their impressive performance and reliability.

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