Customer Service Contact Details

Head Office Departments On the road Sales Representative
ProductsProduct InformationSales and Procure Wizard, all enquires and general enquiries please contact: Linda Barron - sales@poolandspa.ie – Linda@poolandspa.ie

all new Sales enquiries please contact: Nikki Taylor:    087 – 7584447 or email: nikki@poolandspa.ie

Also available on WhatsApp 7 days a week 24hrs 0877584447

Track an Order or to check the Status of Your Delivery, or should you have a query on Product Parts or types of Chemicals please contact: Mary Martin - mary@poolandspa.ie For any Customer Enquiries or Complaints please contact: Nikki Taylor:    087 – 7584447 or email: Nikki@poolandspa.ie
Quotations, Servicing or Follow-Up WorksEngineers Schedules or Maintenance Contracts existing or new customers, please contact: Tara Whitney - tara@poolandspa.ie or info@poolandspa.ie If you are already an existing customer please contact your relevant rep for your regular orders, if you don’t have a rep please contact: Nikki Taylor:087 – 7584447 or email: Nikki@poolandspa.ie
Accounts Payable and Receivable, Statement of Accounts, Credit Agreement Application Forms, Payment Plans or any Company Details please contact: Sarah Keegan - sarah@poolandspa.ie or accounts@poolandspa.ie

Or alternatively, please fill in the form below and we will get in touch.

Our office number is +353 53 9239923 and our opening hours are Monday to Friday: 8.30-5.00pm.