Moving Floors

Can you imagine a swimming pool that also doubles as a dance floor or an entertaining room or even a place to park your car? A space that transforms seamlessly and safely from one function to another, doubling your floor area and adding valuable square meters to your property.
A swimming pool that can be what you want it to be – simultaneously a deep diving pool, a child friendly shallow depth pool or a mid depth pool for exercise and water games which can be completely closed for security.
Technical Information
Movable floors structure comprises stainless steel beams, which are calculated precisely to match the pool size requirements to allow for a strong load capacity. A higher load capacity at the surface level (250 kg/m2) is achieved by using locking pins sliding automatically in the pool shell walls.
Our movable floor can be built to almost any size required, but it’s important to bear in mind that retrofitting an existing pool will not be possible without major modifications on the pool.
Depending on the size, the pool structure will need to be between 700mm and 900mm deeper than the swimming depth to accommodate the floatation tanks and operating mechanisms.
Under the structure, between the main stainless steel beams we install buoyancy packs, designed to make the whole floor float in the highest position. The floor surface finish consists of 3mm thick stainless steel plates and ready to be tiled/finished in accordance to your design.
This complete structure is buoyant and pulled down via cables and a pulley system with water based hydraulic cylinder to the desired depth. All components including structure, cables, etc. are sized taking all safety factors into consideration.
You can choose the pre-selected depths that you want on the control panel and can have as many or as few as they wish.